Tummy Tuck

Overview - Tummy Tuck

A tummy tuck, also known as abdominoplasty, is a cosmetic surgery that removes excess fat and skin from the abdomen and tightens the muscles. A tummy tuck may be a good option for the excess belly fat that is not responding to diet or exercise.

Plastic surgeons tighten the connective tissue in your abdomen with stitches. Then, they reposition the skin to ensure the correct skin tone.

Sagging or excessive fat in the abdomen is a disturbing look for everyone. When diet and exercise prove to be futile, self-esteem issues may occur. A tummy tuck may give you the slim look you desire. Also, it improves the overall body appearance.

Why Tummy Tuck is Done?

Deformities in the abdomen can occur for different reasons such as major changes in weight, pregnancy, abdominal surgery, or aging.

Plastic surgeons can perform the tummy tuck operation on any healthy man or woman. It is a surgery that is especially popular with women who have had multiple pregnancies to tighten their abdominal muscles and reduce sagging skin.

How Do You Prepare for Tummy Tuck?

Firstly, you should be careful to choose a plastic surgeon who has received the necessary training and is experienced. Your surgeon will review your medical history in detail. Also, it is important to inform them about issues such as past or ongoing health problems, medications you use, surgeries you have had, and any medications you are allergic to. In addition, your surgeon requests detailed information about your weight gain and loss status.

Complete Tummy Tuck

Surgeons cut the abdomen along two hip bones and reposition the skin, tissues, and muscles.

Mini Tummy Tuck

Surgeons apply this type of tummy tuck to patients with fat below their navel. The surgery takes a short time and your surgeon does not move your belly button.

Before the operation, you should be careful to keep your weight in balance. With a balanced and adequate diet, you should not gain or lose weight frequently. Moreover, losing a significant amount of weight after surgery will affect the outcome. Finally, you should make the necessary preparations for the healing process in your home. You will need ice packs, easy on and off clothes, and Vaseline.

What Can You Expect?

During Tummy Tuck

Surgeons remove the excess skin and fat between the belly button and pubic hair by making an oval incision. Then, they tighten the connective tissues using permanent sutures. Next, they reposition the skin around the belly button. Then, they close the large hip-to-hip incision above the pubic hair.

The tummy tuck procedure can take 2-3 hours.

After Tummy Tuck

After surgery, they cover the abdomen with surgical dressings. Surgeons place small tubes at the incision site to prevent the accumulation of blood or fluid. On the first day, you must get up and walk with the help of medical personnel.

They instruct you on how to care for the surgical wound after the operation. Also, for 6 weeks following the surgery, you should wear supportive clothes on your abdomen. This clothing prevents fluid build-up and aids the healing process.


It takes some to see the actual results of the surgery. However, having the right healing process and maintaining the weight is critical for the best result. You will see a great improvement in the overall appearance of your abdomen and body. You will have a thinner and more well-proportioned tummy. If you want to enjoy the results you have achieved for a long time, make sure not to interrupt your diet and exercise and keep your weight balanced.

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