Overview Of Liposuction Procedure

Not every weight problem is linked to obesity. In certain parts of your body, excess weight may pile up because of fat cells. Diet and exercise may not help to lose excess fat. Naturally, this can cause you to be unhappy with your physical appearance. Liposuction is a solid option to eliminate such a problem.

The hip, abdomen, butt, arm, or neck areas are the most common parts of liposuction.

Why is Liposuction Done?

Liposuction is effective for losing weight that does not respond to diet and exercise. However, patients who are overweight or obese should prefer diet and exercise or obesity surgery.

Some body parts are relatively more prone to fat accumulation. Surgeons apply liposuction to areas such as the abdomen, upper arm, butt, ankle, hips, chin, neck, chest, and back.

Additionally, liposuction is useful in breast reduction or gynecomastia procedures. Also, it can remove the problems in the skin resulting from obesity surgery.

Before Liposuction

Surgeons mark the areas where they will perform liposuction. You may take photographs to make a Before-After comparison later.

Liposuction Procedure

Your surgeon determines the type of anesthesia according to the width of the area.
General anesthesia is essential for large areas.  For a small area, local anesthesia is enough. If you feel pain in local anesthesia, you should tell your surgeon. Thus, they can apply sedatives via IV.

The removable fat amount determines the duration of the liposuction procedure. The number of areas is an important factor too. As a result, it may take several hours.

After Liposuction

Naturally, bruising and swelling will happen. There will be numbness in the surgery area for 6-8 weeks. Also, doctors may leave the incisions open to allow the fluid flow to continue.

You need to wear tight clothing for several weeks to relieve swelling.


After a few weeks, the swelling will begin to go down. Operating areas will begin to look smaller every day. After a few months, the same areas will appear thinner.
Although your fat is permanently removed, it may come back because of inactivity and a bad diet. Therefore, maintaining the benefits of the procedure depends on your lifestyle. If you exercise regularly and eat well, you can preserve the results of liposuction. Even in the advanced stages of aging.

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