The commercial trade in human organs is prohibited by law in Turkey

Organ transplantation is one of the biggest achievements in the history of medicine. When one of your organs stops functioning properly, it threatens your health and ultimately your life. Especially for patients with diseases in an advanced stage, organ transplantation usually is the only hope of survival. Surgeons can perform organ transplantation only for failed organs. If your organ has permanent damage, you may have organ transplantation.

In organ transplantation, the surgeon removes the healthy organ from the donor. Then he/she replaces the failing organ in the recipient. In Turkey, organ transplants for foreign patients can only be done with living donors. As Istanbul Medical Assistance, we provide organ transplantations successfully with experienced and extensively trained doctors.

Turkey is one of the top countries that practice organ transplants in the world. Also, by Turkish legislation, foreign patients must bring their live donors with them. Or, you may benefit from the domino transplant and return to your normal life.

The most common organ transplant procedures are kidney and liver transplantation. Thanks to our technologically-advanced hospitals, we aim to save as many patients as we can who are in dire need of an organ.

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