Overview of Gastric injection

Non-surgical procedures for weight loss such as Gastric Injection are the most simple procedures for obesity. A gastric injection or stomach injection takes only a few minutes. You don’t need surgical procedures or a recovery period. This endoscopic procedure helps you get rid of weight with a safe solution.

The Gastric injection procedure usually applies to people who are not obese. For people who are overweight and cannot lose weight despite dieting or exercising.

As a result, this non-surgical procedure for weight loss helps follow your diet better and reduce the feeling of hunger.

Gastric injection paralyzes some muscles and nerves in your stomach temporarily. Thus, your appetite hormone secretion will be lower. In addition, your stomach begins to empty much slower. When your appetite is under suppression, you will consume less food and lose weight. It is an effective and easy procedure for weight loss in terms of application.

Why is Gastric Injection Done?

The Gastric injection procedure temporarily relaxes the muscles of your stomach and reduces the feeling of hunger. This procedure is a new treatment and helps to lose weight effectively. Keep in mind that any weight loss procedure is not a miracle. You cannot lose weight permanently without self-discipline.

For patients with a body mass index above 40, the gastric injection procedure will not cause a significant change. Patients who are mildly obese or overweight are suitable for gastric injection. Moreover, you have to try and fail diet and exercise before having a gastric injection. The most suitable patients for the application are those who are not obese enough to need obesity surgery.


The Gastric injection is very easy to apply, application occurs without any complications. It is not possible to talk about any permanent damage. This procedure does not harm anyone except people with muscle disease and certain allergies. After the procedure, your compliance with the diet is very critical. Your doctor will arrange the diet entirely according to your needs. If you eat or drink poorly, the procedure may fail and good results can disappear. You may regain the excess weight again! There is a slim chance of constipation after the procedure. However, you can solve this easily by using stool softeners. There is a low risk of bleeding, as with any injection into the stomach. So, gastric injection is much safer than other weight loss procedures.

How Do You Prepare for Gastric Injection?

Do not consume food or drink for 12 hours before the procedure. An empty stomach ensures that the patient does not vomit during endoscopy. Quit alcohol or cigarettes 1-2 days before the procedure. Also, avoid certain medications the day before such as, aspirin can cause bleeding during surgery. For this reason, it is very important for you to fully inform the doctor about your medications. This is not a procedure that requires hospitalization. It takes a very short time and is painless. However, there is always a possibility of a mistake or a problem. It does not hurt to be ready for any setbacks.

What You Can Expect

There is no medical miracle that will make you lose weight without showing discipline. When your appetite is low, following the diet becomes easier. But you must be psychologically ready to lose weight. Otherwise, it is possible to regain the weight that is lost thanks to the procedure. If you consume excessive carbohydrates after gastric injection, you will regain weight. When you take the necessary care, you lose 10-15% of your total weight in 3-6 months. However, these rates may vary depending on your age, metabolism, and life activity.

Before Gastric Injection

Before gastric injection, you will undergo careful examination and tests. Your doctor will determine whether a gastric injection is right for you.  For a successful procedure, your doctor needs to know about your medical issues. If there is a genetic disease in the family, tell your doctor.

Gastric injection can be dangerous for patients with ulcers or gastritis. In this case, treatment is mandatory before performing a stomach injection. A pregnancy test is for caution, in case you are not aware of the pregnancy. If the result is positive, your doctor delays or cancels the procedure. After the necessary tests, the doctor will inform you about the preparation. They will warn you about fasting, alcohol, and cigarette consumption. In addition, you should move as little as possible before the operation. Because movement affects the stomach muscles just like any other muscle. During the operation, encountering a contracted stomach is not an ideal situation for your doctor.

During Procedure

The gastric injection is a non-surgical procedure so no incisions are necessary. Firstly, the doctor administers the anesthesia to the patient intravenously. The procedure has carried out always without intubation.

If there are no obstacles, the doctor applies the injection to certain areas in your stomach. This is the most important stage of the procedure. Applying areas and usage of the injection may vary from patient to patient. In addition, there is no pain and the risks of complications are minimal. This is a very safe and effective procedure that takes approximately 20 minutes. Soon after the doctor finishes the injection, you wake up and go to the observation room.

After Gastric Injection

After the procedure, you will be under observation for 1-2 hours as a precaution. They will check you one last time and give you liquid food. Then, they will discharge you without hospitalization. You will not endure any pain or vomiting. Still, even if any problem like that occurs, your doctor can treat it quite easily. Then, you can return to your daily life. Since the procedure is non-invasive, it does not affect your mobility.

The success of the procedure alone is not enough. Changing your lifestyle, eating, and drinking habits comes into play in the aftermath. To preserve the results, doctors regulate your nutrition. Moreover, a dietician must create an appropriate diet just for you. To maintain your general health and the benefits of the procedure, you should be in frequent contact with your dietician. Stay away from fast food, fatty, and sugary foods and drinks. Since the stomach will have difficulty digesting such foods it may invite diseases such as gastritis or ulcers. As a result, consuming green foods allows the stomach to digest more easily and you to lose weight more comfortably.

The Results of gastric injection

The effects of the operation begin to manifest within 3-4 days. For a minimum of 4 to a maximum of 6 months, the injection paralyzes the stomach muscles partially. It delays gastric emptying and you feel satiated. Since your appetite will be below, if you do not eat when feeling full, you start to lose excess weight easily.

Finally, as long as you follow the dietician’s recommendations, take care to stay active during the day, and do not neglect to do sports, the gastric injection can help you to completely get rid of your excess weight. If you go to the doctor and dietician check-ups regularly, you avoid any complications that may occur during the weight loss process. Successful completion of the process and ending obesity depend on your determination and discipline.

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