Breast Augmentation

Overview - Breast Augmentation

The purpose of breast augmentation surgery is to change your breasts the way you want. This procedure is also known as a boob job.

You may not be satisfied with the appearance of your breasts due to genetics or other reasons. Also, it may be necessary to repair the breasts due to complications from various diseases. The goal of breast augmentation is to give the breasts the most natural appearance possible. Additionally, with the developing methods and new materials, the risk of scarring is very low. The most important thing is to achieve the most compatible aesthetics for body measurements, height, and weight.

Why Breast Augmentation Done?

Breast augmentation is most helpful for small, deformed, or uneven breasts. Complaints about the breasts usually begin after childbirth. Giving birth may distort the breast shape or decrease its volume.

How Do You Prepare for a Breast Augmentation?

Be sure to consider your doctor’s opinions. There are some issues to consider when making a decision:

  • Breast base dimensions.
  • Chest wall features.
  • The thickness of the breast tissue.
  • The location of the breast on the chest wall.
  • Asymmetry between the breasts.

They measure these features and help you make your decision realistically.

What You Can Expect?

Breast augmentation requires you to stay in the hospital for only one day. The surgery is mostly performed under general anesthesia.

For your information, breast implants do not prevent sagging. Your surgeon will recommend a breast lift for this condition. A breast lift operation can be performed together with breast augmentation. Know that surgically placed implants will not last forever. However, you won’t encounter a problem for an average of 10 years.

Breast Augmentation Surgery

For breast augmentation, surgeons make a single incision in one of the three areas.

  • Under-breast crease
  • Under the arm
  • Around the nipple

Then, they separate the breast tissue from your muscles and breast connective tissues. So, a pocket is created in front of or behind the outer muscle of your chest wall. The surgeon places the implant in this pocket and centers the implant behind the nipple. After the insertion process, they close the incisions and bandage the whole chest area.

After Breast Augmentation

There will be pain and swelling for a few days following surgery and scars will fade over time. Clothing that puts pressure on the chest will help you heal. If you do not have a physically strenuous job, you can return to work in two weeks. Protect your breasts from physical contact or adverse movements.


The breast enhancement procedure changes the shape and size of the breasts. They look fuller and bigger and improve overall appearance and self-confidence. You realize how a good result improves your social life and psychology.

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