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Plastic Surgery & Cosmetic Surgery


People may think of plastic and cosmetic surgery as an exaggerated field to get an exaggerated appearance. On the contrary, plastic surgery can mean happiness. Men and women of all ages can correct their flaws or defects, and also restore the function of several body parts.Health is not only about physical wellness. Mental health has a great impact on overall health.  If you see a solvable problem every day that makes you unhappy, you can correct it.

Why Plastic Surgery?

Of course, getting old is not a bad thing. On the other hand, looking younger in front of the mirror can make you happier.For example, you feel uncomfortable with the arch in your nose. You will be more confident if your surgeon corrects the shape of your nose, and gives it a natural look.There are also genital aesthetics that can cause great changes in your sexual life. Socially and psychologically, it brings people to very different places compared to pre-treatment.

Cosmetic Surgery and Plastic Surgery

Contrary to popular belief, plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery are not the same. Both practices aim to improve your body shape or function. However, their training, research, and goals for treatment outcomes are different.Cosmetic surgery focuses on using surgical techniques to improve your physical appearance. So, surgeons consider symmetry, proportion, and aesthetic appeal.On the other hand, plastic surgery is reconstructive. Therefore, surgeons treat facial and body defects from trauma, disease, birth disorders, and burns. Some procedures are even life-changing:
  • Hand surgery
  • Scar revision surgery
  • Breast reconstruction
  • Burn repair surgery
  • Congenital defects such as the cleft palate

Benefits of Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery

Improving your appearance is just one of the benefits of plastic surgery.If you are considering having plastic and cosmetic surgery, you can gain:

Better Self-Confidence

Cosmetic surgery can give you a good look that naturally increases your self-confidence. Also, you can find yourself being more outgoing and willing to try new things and be relaxed in social situations.

Better Physical Health

Some procedures can improve your looks and physical health both. Such as, rhinoplasty or a nose job may improve your breathing as well as its appearance.

Better Mental Health

Being happy is a mental state. Most people see a considerable relief in social anxiety after their surgery. It is very common to feel better control over your life, and become more eager to take on new challenges.

More Opportunities

Attractive people usually enjoy more professional and personal opportunities. Some studies show that attractive people tend to make higher salaries and get promotions more often.

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