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What is vaginoplasty?

Vaginoplasty is a surgical procedure on the vagina. Plastic surgeons carry out this procedure to create or repair a vagina. But, this procedure is a subset of genital aesthetics surgery. These surgeries affect not only the look of the private part organs. It also affects the function of the organs. Also, it is also helpful for some pelvic disease treatments.

Furthermore, vaginoplasty is a subject we should talk about often. This is because it relates to gender, sexuality, and sexual satisfaction. This procedure came into existence in the 20th century. But, it became popular in the last few years.

Who needs a Vaginoplasty?

Generally, people go for this surgery to create or reconstruct their vaginas. But, individuals may decide to go for this procedure for several reasons. The following are the lists of people that may need vaginoplasty;

  • Women affected by trauma or childbirth defects: Women may have tears and complications in their perineal area during vagina childbirth. Although, this may not apply to all. But, some may have accidents that also affect their vaginas. If you fall into this category, you are allowed to go for this procedure.
  • Women with abnormalities from birth: Some people are born with abnormalities that affect the growth of their private parts organs. These people are ideal candidates for vaginoplasty.

Others include;

  • Women undergoing treatment for some forms of cancer (vulvar cancer) may have their vaginas affected. This surgical procedure is a way to reconstruct such vaginas.
  • Transgender individuals who want to change their sex and gender may go for this reconstruction procedure on their genitals.

What happens during vaginoplasty? 

Surgeons carry out several procedures during vaginoplasty. Although, this depends on the type of patient. The approach to operating on a woman with childbirth injuries is different. Also, processes for operating transgender individual is different too. Also, this applies to some other types of vaginoplasty as well.

But there are general approaches to this procedure which are as follows;

  • Remove and cut away extra skin
  • Remove abnormal structures and excess tissues 
  • Reduce the size of the vagina
  • Creating a functional vagina
  • Male external genitalia is removed (transgender individuals)
  • The skin of the male external genitalia is used to create a vaginal cavity. This is done between the rectum and the urethra (transgender).

Are there side effects to vaginoplasty?

Like every other surgery, vaginoplasty also has side effects. Generally, this can vary depending on the individual. It can also depend on the creation and repair carried out. But, some can be very serious and life-threatening. Here are some side effects;

  • Narrowing of the vagina: Too much cutting out of tissues reduces the lumen of the vagina.
  • Fistula: This is an abnormal connection between two surfaces. Here, the vagina may join the bladder or the rectum. This is a common side effect of surgeries like this.
  • Injuries to the nerve cells
  • Loss of sensations 

What are the advantages of this procedure?

Vaginoplasty has quite a lot of advantages. Here are a few you should know;

  • Restore tightness to the vaginal area
  • Improve the look of the vagina: Cosmetic is a reason people go for this procedure. 
  • Improved sexual satisfaction: Sexual satisfaction improves after this procedure. This is usually due to a tight vagina and a beautiful vagina.
  • Improves lack of control over urination: Some women find it difficult to control their urination. Vaginoplasty helps out here too.

See your healthcare provider if:

  • You notice blood stains on your clothes. This may be a sign of abnormal bleeding and may lead to blood loss. See your doctor immediately for a proper review.
  • You notice a colored (yellowish) discharge from the procedure site. This may signify infection.
  • Pain that does not respond to medications.
  • There is an abnormal swelling in the site of the procedure and groin. This may be a pointer to the presence of clotted blood.

Although, there may be some other side effects not covered here. But, be faithful to your follow-up visit with your doctor. They can observe the procedure site often for any complications if need be.


Vaginoplasty surgery gives a lot of women second chances. Although, the risk that comes with this procedure may depend on the type of vaginoplasty. Besides, vaginoplasty cost will depend on the type of procedure you want. As well as where you live, and where you want to have the process done.

Also, note that the recovery stage may last about three to six months or more. This depends on the approval of your doctor. The success of this procedure depends on how you adhere to postoperative instructions.