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Overview - Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty can correct the shape and structure of your nose. The procedure is useful for cosmetic purposes as well as to correct structural defects.

The nose is the most prominent organ on the face and a big factor in aesthetics. Therefore, rhinoplasty is one of the most preferred cosmetic surgeries today.

Our nose consists of bone at the top and cartilage at the bottom. Cosmetic surgeons can correct these structures with rhinoplasty surgery. Moreover, they can improve the skin of your nose through rhinoplasty.

Why is Rhinoplasty Done?

It is possible to get rid of aesthetic and breathing problems with a single operation. In addition, the procedure can correct deformities caused by injury, and congenital deformities or structural defects. Also, if your nose is not harmonious with your face, surgeons can change its size. Moreover, they can widen your narrow nose bridge or remove the visible protrusions, and narrow your nostrils. You can completely get rid of your problems such as arched nose, curved nose, narrow nose, etc.

How Do You Prepare for Rhinoplasty?

Most important questions:

  • Have you had nose surgery before?
  • What kind of drugs do you use?
  • Did you have frequent nasal congestion in the past?

For example, a bleeding disorder in your nose can keep you from having a rhinoplasty.

They take photographs of your nose from different angles. So, you can have an idea about your expectations and what can be done.

The Rhinoplasty Surgery

Surgeons can perform rhinoplasty by making incisions completely inside your nose, or externally with small incisions. Also, they can make incisions at the base and remove the soft tissues carefully. Then, surgeons can change the structure of the nose as planned.For minor changes, surgeons usually use cartilage at the base of the nose. However, if you need a larger replacement, you may need an implant. Additionally, they can take bone or cartilage from other parts of your body. After finishing the necessary changes, your surgeon replaces the skin and tissues.They discharge you on the same day of surgery.

After Rhinoplasty

For 2 days, lie in a vertical position all the time to reduce the risk of edema formation. To prevent swelling and bleeding, your head must be in an upright position. The dressings and splint inside your nose can stay for up to 7 days. Also, you will experience bleeding and mucus discharge for a few days. They may attach a pad that absorbs blood and mucus to relieve discomfort.

You should avoid:
  • Laughing or smiling
  • Sports or exercise for a few weeks
  • Washing from the neck up
  • Blowing your nose
  • Poor nutrition
  • Brushing your teeth fast
  • Wearing clothes above your head


Millimetric differences cause big changes in the appearance of the nose. Also, the results of rhinoplasty will be fully revealed within a year. There may be occasional swelling temporarily.

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