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Genital Filling

The term genital filling refers to a procedure that helps to restore the “young forever” feelings of women. Generally, as you age, you may start to see signs of aging all over the body. There may be a decrease in fat tissues around the lips of your private part. You may also observe a change in the skin around your private part.

Similarly, you may feel some emptiness in the subcutaneous tissue of your private part. The skin may shrink and sag with the hormonal changes in menopause. In turn, this may have an effect on your sexual life.

But, all the above changes in the genital areas can also occur during childbirth.

Other causes also include;

  • Excessive smoking
  • Excessive and rapid weight gain,
  • Genetic causes; such as conditions that are due to the collagen structure,
  • Bad eating habits
  • Chronic irritation, vulvar dystrophies,
  • Factors such as excess stress can also cause deterioration in the outer lips.

Furthermore, the good news here is that there’s a solution to help women with this type of problem. The genital filling has become popular in recent times.

What is Genital Filling?

Genital Filling is a medical treatment that involves the use of hyaluronic acid injected into the vaginal tissues. 

Surgeons design this treatment to strengthen the front wall of the vagina. Also to fill out the front wall of the vagina. This help to improve the appearance of the outer labia.

The genital filling procedure is one of the most appropriate treatment methods. It helps to restore the areas around the private parts. It also fixes the lips of the genital area that have lost their aesthetic appearance. 

Using this procedure, your genital area feels younger and more vibrant. It adds more volume to the tissues. In turn, it makes your sexual experience a little more enjoyable.

How to carry out a genital filling?

The use of genital fillers to restore the declining tissue of the genital area to a lively and fuller appearance makes women happy in terms of aesthetics and sexual performance.

Generally, doctors can perform genital filling in two different ways: hyaluronic acid injection and fat injection.

Use Of Hyaluronic acid injections

Here, surgeons carry out the genital filing process on both genital lips. When people with large genital lips undergo this procedure, the lips end up having a fuller appearance. 

The genital filling lasts between 6 months and 1 year on average. It is an easy and short process. Doctors perform this procedure under local anesthesia.

This procedure is very safe. It has little or no side effects. You can repeat this procedure multiple times. Most importantly it is reversible. Similarly, this process takes about 20 minutes and you can return to work almost immediately.

Fat injection

In this genital filling process, surgeons add fatty tissues to the genital lips. The fatty tissue to be added to the lips can be taken from the abdomen, the inner part of the legs, or the hips. 

In addition, Fat tissue is taken from one of these areas via liposuction and injected into the lips using a  lipo-filling cannula, giving the patient fuller genital lips.

Most times, It is recommended to have 1-2 days’ rest after the procedure while your first sexual intercourse after the filling procedure is recommended 20 days after.


Over the years, female genital filling procedures to correct and improve the appearance and sexual function of female genital organs have increased. If done properly it gives the genital area a younger and more vibrant feel thereby leading to a more enjoyable sexual experience.